About For Your Freedom & Ours C.I.C.

We are a social enterprise that designs and provides shared history programmes using creative forms of education and story telling.



By gathering historical information about the links between Northern Ireland and Poland and discovering connections to World War II of Polish people currently living in Northern Ireland we are bringing shared history to life and create a visual interpretation by using a number of tools, including exhibitions, publications, online gallery, and lectures. We engage and promote our resources with people by coordinated social media campaigns.


We are constantly looking for new ideas and learning experiences that bring shared history to life in a creative and an engaging way. Our interactive bespoke and accredited educational programmes combine historical events with a modern learning approach to foster a wider understanding of shared history and to celebrate positive relations between communities.
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Nothing beats standing on the spot where history happened. We provide historical tours to Poland following the most iconic locations in history such as Westerplatte and the World War II Museum in Gdansk, the Warsaw Uprising Museum and the Auschwitz Museum. We also provide educational trips to Scotland and England following the footsteps of the Polish freedom fighters of the Polish Armed Forces and the Polish Air Forces.
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Our shared history experience is available to individuals and groups, including:

  • Youth Groups Schools
  • Colleges, Universities
  • Community Groups, Residents, Associations
  • Historical Groups

Our vision

Our vision is to create a more cohesive and united society anchored in our shared history and experiences.

Our mission

Our mission is to discover, promote and celebrate shared history.

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We pursue the highest standards in all our work, from the experience we provide to the quality of our interactions with the participants and the general public.



We seek to provide an educational experience, based on careful research and story gathering. We are committed to separate facts from fiction and bring us together by means of our shared history.



We are committed to using creative forms of education and story telling. Methods that are interactive, entertaining and which provide unforgettable experiences.



We want to bring shared history to live in an interactive and engaging fashion. We want to set on a shared history journey to discover things that bring us together in an entertaining and stimulating way.

For Your Freedom & Ours - Steering Committee

David Miller Niven CB, CBE

Air Vice-Marshal
The Royal Air Force

Jerome Mullen

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Northern Ireland

Ernie Cromie

Historian, Ulster Aviation Society

Ken Belshaw

Director, The Grafton Employment Group

Wanda Wojciechowicz/Henderson

Polish RAF Pilot daughter

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Our vision is to create a more cohesive and united society anchored in our shared history and experiences.

Maciek Bator
E-mail: maciek@foryourfreedomandours.com
Tel: +44 7930476649

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